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Whether you're a creative seeking a spirit guide to elevate your brand, a shop owner in need of visual strategy and language to express the values of your business, a newly engaged couple beaming with excitement, new parents basking in the light of new life or simply someone looking for a moment to be captured in a masterful, naturally elegant way, Kelli Boyd has something to share. 

the process

First, Kelli meets with you to draw aesthetic inspiration that is one of a kind and considers the way you, your brand, your reason for seeking her services naturally exists in perfect form. 
From there, Kelli captures the most joyful and beautiful distinctions that exists within you, and captures them artfully in your natural element as your visual storytelling journey unfolds together.

All rousers of revelry and lovers of life are part of the magic. The disco-ball soaked mayhem of the dance floor, the flattery that glimmering flecks of candle light lend to guests and the merriment that brims from the petals of fresh flowers. The belly-laugh a groom gives in disbelief as he sees his breathtaking bride for the first time. These intangible, unspeakably beautiful moments are the connections Kelli captures through her lens.


"Kelli Boyd is the best of the best! Her calm demeanor, attention to EVERY. LITTLE. DETAIL and ability to capture all of the little moments throughout the day help to beautifully tell each couple's wedding story in a true form of art. Not only is she easy to work with but she is also one of the sweetest people ever. Seriously... I can't say enough about her and how talented she truly is to capture such absolutely gorgeous photos. It is always a pleasure working with her... she's hands down as good as it gets!" — Tara Skinner

Her experience working in the world of marketing coupled with with a keen understanding of the connection between intellect, aesthetics, and emotion accompanied by her vast range of photography skills allows Kelli to approach every project from an unexpected yet graceful angle. 

Content Creation

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Life's most indescribably beautiful moments, the magic and the mundane, starts at home. Stringing together the beauty of our spaces is one of Kelli's gift.

Beautiful Spaces

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"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself" — Coco Chanel

There is magic in the mayhem. Allow us to sort through your photographs and create harmony and order so that all is well, wonderful, and methodical in the world. Kelli’s team offers an array of creative organizational services to include photo organization for personal, content, or professional use.

Photo Organization

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Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.

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