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Meaningful Connections

Kelli Boyd knows you. She honors your unique spirit through her craft. She shares her masterful gifts of connection by offering a graceful and authentic sense of permanence to life's most cherished, joyful and meaningful moments. 

serving Lovers, families, storytellers, stylesetters, & creatives in savannah, ga

Beautiful Spaces

Rooted in connections.

Expert Storytelling

Style, design, & creative direction.

A Great Party

Rousers of revelry & lovers of life.

Through years of experience in the world of marketing and design coupled with a well-traveled mind and heart, the language of Kelli's work embodies a unique approach to visual storytelling. Her bespoke sense of style speaks to those seeking an intuitive, creative, and unforgettable embodiment of the moment.

Her passion for cultivating and sharing an authentic connection through her photographs expresses itself naturally in a style that is joyful, distinctive, and artful. Her beautiful work expresses the natural magnificence of her clients through the lens of their most celebrated, memorable selves and stories.  

Capturing moments and memories for nearly a decade.

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